Lampes UV - Applications
Equipements de décontamination par lampes germicides à rayonnement UV

World-wide expertise

In 2014 ELTECH Equipments take ERIES® brand for the realization and installation of UVC lamps decontamination equipment, mainly for the food industry.  
Since 1983 Light Sources and Lightech, world leaders in the field of quartz lamps and tubes, provide exclusively the UV lamps to our equipment.  


Adaptation of aseptic machines  

We closely work with the engineering consulting firms of manufacturers of aseptic machines and packaging, in various fields particularly the food-processing industry.. 

System features definition 
According to the speed and mechanical configurations of the machine, we tailor equipments for providing the optimum treatment.

New products development  
We work with specialized laboratory’s help in different domains  

Eries, désinfection par traitement ultra violet UV
Lampes et tubes quartz pour désinfection par traitement UV
The combination of our knowledge in the industrial installations and our  technological expertise allows us to bring quality products to the market with high performance.

ERIES® provide guidance  
With their projects of process improvement, we study and incorporate quality materials for the treatment. We have acquired the experience, known-how and manufacturer’s quality. 

Packaging machinery
We work in collaboration with the Quality and Customer Service Studies to provide the most suitable solution for the application. Often the machines are already in operation, we implement a test protocol to fit together the solution to the need of the project.  

Construction of treatment systems  
We study and create treatment equipments for packaging before wrapping. The lamps technology allows the implementation of equipments adapted to the machine with an easy maintenance..
Réalisation d'équipements spéciaux pour traitement  germicide
Technologie germicide uv-C pour la destruction des micro organismes


Constructeurs de machines aseptiques
Décontamination conditionnement alimentaire dans l'industrie laitière

Utilisation du rayonnement UV dans l'industrie alimentaire, pharmaceutique et cosmétique
Our equipments are in various countries: